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03 May 2013 @ 10:06 pm
Fantasies of Pink and the Duck-Printed Underwear - 1/?  
Title: Fantasies of Pink and Duck-Printed Underwear
Chapter: 1/3
Author: deadlyscarlet & venomousliberty
Beta: veroxion
Genre: romance, crack, humour, sex
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: silly Aoi, Aoi’s pet puppy that loves to bully its dim-witted owner, suspicious Uruha, Uruha’s innocent underwear, crazy, stalker-ish and obsessed fangirls.
Pairings: Aoi/Uruha
Synopsis: Aoi-san, we want YOU to CONVINCE the entire band to make a PV for VENOMOUS SPIDER'S WEB. You are an important member of the band and we have high hopes that you'd be able to convince the other members to make a promotional video for this song since you're a charismatic and never say never kind of man.
Comments: This is the result of our excessive obsessing about that certain 'kiss' in Decomposition Beauty and the song, THE VENOMOUS SPIDER'S WEB.

Fantasies of Pink and the Duck-Printed Underwear

Chapter 1

Aoi, the super-duper sexy rhythm guitarist of Japan’s most popular rock band the GazettE currently sat with his legs crossed in his apartment’s living room, throwing dirty looks at the huge sack thrown unceremoniously on the center table. The bag was open, overflowing with various envelopes, postcards, gifts and even pink confetti. While Aoi continued to pout and stare, Sakai, the manager of the GazettE, stood in front of him with his hands crossed over his broad chest and his features morphed into a reprimanding glare. Internally, he was cursing himself for even being there in the first place.

Aoi had always been difficult when it came to fan mail unlike the other members. The remaining four were more obedient and polite when they were asked to reply to their fans as they found it as nothing but immense pleasure. But Aoi on the other hand was too lazy to do it, claiming that he had nothing smart nor heartfelt to say and that his hands would ache from too much writing, which he didn’t want to happen because he would have a difficult time playing his guitar. He gave the rhythm guitarist a hard stern look. He wasn’t going to accept any lame excuses. Not this time. Not even with the raven’s deadly stare and lethal pout. As part of the GazettE, Aoi would definitely have to do what the other members did and reply to his fan mail, and there was no way out of it.

“I’m waiting, Aoi-kun. Are you going to do it or are you just going to sit there all day long?”

“Sakai-san, I don’t wanna,” Aoi whined. “Don’t you feel sorry for poor old me? Look at the size of that thing. And I was planning to go surfing tomorrow. What if I slip into the waters due to trembling, aching hands? You don’t want to lose your precious guitarist, do you now?”

“Don’t you feel sorry for the fans who exerted so much effort in writing you these letters?” Sakai replied in a cold voice. “I’m sure they had trembling, aching hands too when they wrote these letters for you. And don’t you see?” He pointed a finger to the pile of letters. “Some of them are intricately decorated. How can you not want to reply to the people who made them?”

“But aren’t we making up for it by creating kickass music?” Aoi argued, rolling his alluring obsidian orbs in distaste. “Would they prefer the GazettE writing replies to each and everyone instead of composing songs?”

“Like I said, no more excuses. I don’t see the other members complaining like you. Aoi-kun, you should take a leaf out of their books and follow their example. Now instead of staring, get your ass off that couch and start answering them!”


“Enough is enough, Aoi-kun.” Sakai snapped, finally losing his patience with GazettE’s rhythm guitarist and his childishness. He was usually a very patient man and always avoided getting angry when he could. But Aoi’s stubbornness was taking its toll on him. “If you don’t start opening them up then you will remain locked in this fucking room no matter how long it takes, even years, I don’t give a shit.” The manager said with finality and stormed out of the room, leaving Aoi with the scary stack of fan mails, waiting to be opened.

Aoi heard a click outside the door. He immediately ran all the way to the door and tried twisting the knob. His suspicions were confirmed when the door didn’t budge an inch. Sakai, like he had threatened, had locked the raven inside in his own home.

Fuck,” Aoi cussed, kicking the ebony door in anger.

Defeated, the raven walked back to the living room couch with a really forlorn expression on his face, muttering obscenities under his breath. It wasn’t like Aoi hated his fan girls. God! How could he? Those adorable things screaming happily for every kiss he blew, every dorky move he made, every guitar chord he played, every ‘aishiteru’ he spouted. And how loyally they bang their heads like maniacs and even willingly getting down on all fours, not giving a shit about how others will acknowledge and judge them. How the hell could he ignore those freaking cute girls? They were what which made Aoi as well as the rest of the GazettE’s life interesting as musicians.

Also he was well aware of the fact that the fans took really immense pain in making those intricately designed letters. He vividly remembered how he had tried to make a swan-shaped envelope to gift his Mom on her 50th Birthday. Aoi’s Mom loved swans as she was a huge fan of the Ugly Duckling. So he had bribed Ruki with a lot of glittery accessories to help him make one. But Aoi’s swan turned out to be more like a one legged chicken with a bad case of leprosy. In the end, Aoi had just bought his Mom a miniature swan sculpture made of Swarovski crystals.

No, Aoi hated fan mail for an entirely different reason. And the reason was - they were pink. Yes, pink. And what does pink stand for? Pink stands for love. All those damn pink, embossed design, with pink ribbons and pink laces. Those pink letters screaming out Aoi, I love you. NOOOOO. They were just reminding Aoi of how love deprived he was. Fame was something he wanted. That was why he had so happily pursued his dream of being a rockstar without even bothering to complete high school. And of course, the GazettE were already the fever of the nation and Aoi a superstar. No visual-kei fan would ever say they have no idea who Superstar Aoi was. But still being famous meant Aoi couldn’t have a proper relationship. Okay, fuck that. What is he going on about? Pink reminded him of a certain someone and how desperately he wanted that said individual.

“Okay, let’s reply to these stupid letters,” Aoi growled as he finally tore the bag wide open.

Like he feared, the bag just glowed fucking pink. Aoi rolled his eyes as he felt the nausea spread through him making him want to puke his guts out. He upturned the bag and spilled all the contents onto the black-tiled floor. The letters once sprawled on the floor minimized the gaudy effect to Aoi’s obsidian orbs.

“Let’s look for something that ain’t pink,” he muttered as he sifted through the mini mountain of letters.

But unfortunately for the poor rhythm guitarist, almost all the letters were pink. Aoi could almost see red in his eyes as he continued to sort through the pile, hoping that there would be at least one, single ray of light amidst the black storm to make this dreadful task a wee bit bearable. Soon the pile became smaller and scanty. When the raven was about to give up hope on finding the object of his quest, his fingers grazed against something very smooth, like satin. Curious, Aoi immediately grabbed the satin material and pulled it off the pile.

“Black,” Aoi gasped.

Now that was weird. Aoi had been a musician from the time he had turned twenty. He might have become famous only due to the GazettE and even though he always bitched a lot when it came to fan mail, he had a very clear idea of how a fan mail looked. This particular thing wasn’t anything like a fan mail.

Of course the gothic fans tended to send mails that were embossed in black and decorated with skulls and fangs, but this particular fan mail was just too suspicious that it actually made tiny goose bumps erupt upon the rhythm guitarist’s milky white skin. His instincts screamed at him not to open the suspicious letter, but well curiosity caught the cat. He carefully ran, a well manicured, black nail under the flap of the envelope in order to peek into the contents encompassed within it. A single sheet of paper which actually was a computer printed sheet fell into his hands. Aoi carefully opened the paper like it was some sort of a ticking time bomb waiting to explode any moment now and began to read cautiously.

Dear Aoi-sama,

If you think this is another fanmail, you're wrong. Well, not really. Technically, this is still a fan mail but it's more like a letter of request... or probably a demand letter? Not demand like we've filed a case against you or anything. We just want you to do something very important for us.

Anyway, we sent you this mail to inform you that we have the key to make all your dreams come true. Yes, you read that right, Aoi-san. WE CAN MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. Everyone knows how attracted you are to Uruha-san. We've witnessed how huge a fanboy you are of him and how you've secretly yearned to be more than just a friend or a bandmate to him. Now, don't say we're being delusional because you know deep in your heart, this is true. No use denying, Aoi-san. We probably know you better than you know yourself, haha! Going back to the topic, like we were saying, WE hold the KEY to making your dream come true. All you need to do is grant our simple demand.

We DEMAND a PV for one of the tracks in your TOXIC album, the VENOMOUS SPIDER'S WEB. That song is one of our personal favorites and has been very, very important to us in terms of our emotional and physical welfare. Emotional, because the song lifts our spirits and cheers us up when we're depressed as fuck and we want to beat the living shit out of someone. Physical, because it's our power workout song and its effect is one thousand times more effective than any energy drink, even Red Bull. We always have this feeling that we can run on the treadmill for hours while listening to it and have considered it a very integral part of our workout playlist because of its wondrous benefits.

Since we consider the said song as one of the most spectacular tracks your band has ever created, we've had thoughts and dreams of seeing a PV exclusively created for it and have decided to make a stand and do something to turn that dream into reality.

Aoi-san, we want YOU to CONVINCE the entire band to make a PV for VENOMOUS SPIDER'S WEB. The PV should have a discoteque theme, huge disco ball, lots of bright, colorful, strobing lights, and of course, with spiders... lots and lots of spiders. We don't care if you want them crawling all over your hot, sexy, drool-worthy bodies (though that'd be sexy and freaky as hell), but we definitely want to see them in the music video. You are an important member of the band and we have high hopes that you'd be able to convince the other members to make a promotional video for this song since you're a charismatic and never say never kind of man.

Please don't consider this letter as a joke or any form of trickery or senseless deed to incur a humorous or amusing reaction from you. As much as we're dead curious as to what your face looks like right now while you read this letter, WE ARE FUCKING SERIOUS. We will await for a response from you in a week. Please contact us in this number: 010-1010-666.

Thank you and have a nice day, Aoi-san.

Sincerely yours,

Two very concerned fans


Gazerock is not dead! XD

The letter slipped from between the rhythm guitarist’s lithe fingers to the floor. Aoi clutched his erratically pounding heart as he started at the stylishly printed letters on the plain white sheet. What, what is going on? Poor Aoi. In his prolonged musician life he had never come even across a single threat letter before. Hell! These girls could go about calling this an innocent demand letter but in the raven’s book, this was a fucking threat. And how in the world did these girls know about the secret he had been so intent on taking to the grave, the blood-chilling secret about Aoi being obsessed with the lead guitarist of the GazettE ever since he laid his eyes upon him.

He would never forget the first time he saw Uruha. He had brown black hair back then, during the early years of the GazettE, his beautiful face looked younger, more innocent and vulnerable. His mind would never forget how Uruha had first smiled at him, how those full, cherry lips curved up in an alluring grin as Ruki introduced them to each other, how his deep voice sounded when the lead guitarist said ‘hi’ to him. Most of all, he would never forget that immemorial moment when he first laid eyes upon Uruha’s perfect milky-white thighs. The lead guitarist was donning a pair of tight, black shorts back then and his legs were the sexiest thing he had ever seen. Right after shaking hands with him, he had quickly excused himself and made a beeline to the men’s room to save himself from the shame his bleeding nose would bring him.

But Aoi didn’t only like Uruha just because of his impeccable beauty and charisma. As he continued to work with the lead guitarist and got to know him more, he discovered that there was more to Uruha than his looks. The lead guitarist was truly passionate when it came to music, and he could feel it in every strum and riff Uruha would create in his guitar. He could feel it in his compositions, in every song he created and engineered and he could feel it whenever Uruha would closely work with him.

Then there was the brunet's personality. Uruha was not just a pretty face. He was intelligent and he showed it in every interviews they had, with how he had described the band, their music and goals to the world, with how he shared motivating and inspirational words about the value of life to their fans. And yet, despite his brilliance, he was also shy, meek, especially on TV or radio interviews, whether it was a solo or a group interview. Aoi thought he looked so cute just staying silent in his usual position whenever they did group interviews, looking awkward and trying to avoid too much eye contact with the camera as he and the other members of the band talk or fool around. It amazed him how Uruha acted so differently in interviews, on stage and behind the camera and had always wondered how he would act inside his room, on his bed, with him.

As much as he wanted to deny it, he often harbored lewd thoughts and not-so innocent fantasies about their lead guitarist and much to his dismay, he couldn’t stop himself from further delving into that libidinous realm whenever he was face to face with Uruha, even more so when the brunet pouted his plush lips and bared his nosebleed-inducing thighs. Uruha became one of his closest friends, the brunet cared for him as much as Reita, Ruki and Kai did. The lead guitarist was there for him when he needed someone to share his problems with, understood him when he was in a bad mood and was throwing a childish tantrum, drank and laughed with him when he was bored and had nothing to do. It scared and worried him how much he desired Uruha to be more than just a bandmate or a friend to him.

Nevertheless, Aoi didn’t want to damage the friendship he had with Uruha nor the GazettE’s career, he never let anyone know about the wild fantasies he had about the brunet. Even Aoi’s pet dog Koko-chan, to whom the raven shared almost every single secret, had no idea about this. Damn, fans could really be scary. So it really was true that nothing could escape a girl’s eye. Deep down, Aoi wanted to contact the number given in the letter and ask how they were going to quench his love for Uruha, but Aoi was a professional guitarist not a jackass.

There was no way in hell that he was going to consider a stupid fan mail slash threat letter, real and call the sender. For all that he knew, maybe they were just two twisted girls who were intent on getting to talk to their bias and then later show off to all their friends that they got to talk to the GazettE’s rhythm guitarist. The trick was lame and Aoi wasn’t falling for it. Sticking out his tongue like a child at the letter, Aoi focussed on answering the disgusting, pink letters as he knew that he would never be released from house arrest until he finished what he was asked of him. Even though he knew it was wrong, Aoi still secretly saved the phone number in his iPhone.

A week passed. By then Aoi had almost forgotten about the threat letter. The crazy fans hadn’t contacted him again. The rhythm guitarist returned back tired and sweaty from a really long photo shoot. He was slightly fuming due to the designer as she had gone against his wishes and had made him dress up like a giant disco ball. For crying out loud, that was Ruki’s forte. Pushing his luscious lips forward in a pout, he checked his mail slot for letters. The raven released an audible gasp and jumped a few steps back like he had been electrocuted. Stashed between a few envelopes was the nostalgic plain, black satin embossed envelope. With trembling fingers, Aoi tore the seal open and pulled out a similar computer printed page.

Dearest Aoi-sama,

We sent this letter as another reminder. You read that right. THIS IS A REMINDER. You think we are not serious about our request and about the amazing prize we had in store for you? You think we're just playing a joke and we're doing this to scare or annoy you. You think this is all just a little prank? WE are SERIOUS. DEAD SERIOUS.

Aoi-san, We do want to see a PV of the VENOMOUS SPIDER'S WEB and most importantly, WE DO HOLD THE KEY TO YOUR DREAMS. Proof of that is the little treat that comes along with this letter.

Without bothering to hold back his impatience, Aoi nearly ripped the envelope open and emptied its contents into his sweaty palm. It was a photograph with a frame of pink hearts. Aoi’s poor nose started dripping blood when his atramentous orbs met with the image ornamenting the polaroid. Of course it wasn’t the pink hearts that made his nose bleed. We already have a clear idea of Aoi’s hatred for pink and hearts. It was Uruha. “Oh my god, Uruha.” Aoi almost screamed for there, on the small picture was the object of his lecherous fantasies.

Uruha was inside his bathtub, half of his body submerged in the water, bubbles seductively covering parts of his lithe body that he had always wanted to see, as if the picture itself was teasing him. His brown hair was wet and small tendrils of it were hanging all over his face and had stuck on to his moist skin. There were also small yellow rubber duckies floating on the water, all around him that served as his companions, and his face looked so calm and not to mention, very sexy as he rubbed his slender arm with a washcloth. Uruha taking a bath already looked like porn to him.

Wiping the blood off his nose, Aoi returned back to reading the rest of the letter.

Now, do you accept that WE ARE NOT LYING, Aoi-san? We have hundreds of Uruha-san's pictures, most of them taken in his own bathroom... while taking a bath... and in his bedroom... while he’s changing clothes and sleeping. This is just a small taste of what could be in your hands if you choose to grant our demand, Aoi-san. As to how we got them, let's just say that we are not your ordinary everyday fangirls and we take the extra mile when it comes to fangirling, but please don't let that small fact scare or bother you. We haven't installed hidden cameras in your place yet, despite knowing where you live, so you are safe. Don't worry.

We will still await for your response. Feel free to contact us using the number we had given you in the first letter we sent.

Thank you once again and have a great day.

Sincerely yours,

Two very concerned fans.

P.S. We just watched the Venomous Cell Final on DVD and it makes us yearn more for the VENOMOUS SPIDER'S WEB PV we are demanding.

Aoi remained standing outside, near the mailslot, with his mouth open like an idiot. The fan mail slash threat letter which the rhythm guitarist has assumed as a joke was actually real. He had no idea of what he was supposed to be doing. As a professional, the right thing to do is to ignore this letter. The girls were totally anonymous and they seemed obsessed and even crazy. Who knows? They could even be dangerous if they are willing to go as far breaking into a famous person like Uruha’s home to get his pictures. Oh, no! What if Uruha was in trouble? If something happened to the brunet, then Aoi would never be able to survive. Should he inform management? Aoi immediately pulled out his mansion keys from his jeans and shoved it into the keyhole. As soon as the door creaked open, Aoi threw the door open and rushed in like a maniac without even bothering to lock the door behind him.

Koko-chan came bounding into the room to attack his beloved owner. Koko-chan was a three-month golden retriever puppy that he had adopted from the retreat for abandoned dogs. He stumbled upon a certain website on the Internet a few months ago while searching for some information about a new band he liked, as to how he suddenly got into looking up animal websites was beyond him. However, when he saw a picture of a small and cute golden retriever puppy with a thick, light brown coat and expressive brown eyes, he instantly found himself reminiscing the beautiful lead guitarist.

The puppy reminded him of how Uruha looked like whenever he wanted something desperately and would use this particular technique where the lead guitarist would flutter his eyes and slightly pout his lips in a cute manner, a technique which had proven to be lethally adorable and very, very effective, especially against him. He wasn’t a big fan of animals, particularly dogs, but after seeing the picture of Koko-chan, he had clicked the inquiry button on the website and expressed interest in adopting the small puppy. With his financial status and influence, he didn’t experience any difficulties in acquiring custody over his future pet and after two weeks, he had finally bought Koko-chan home.

The golden retriever puppy had proven to be a very loving and comforting companion. Koko-chan would always greet him whenever he came home and would see him out to the door when he left. He would sometimes sit in his lap or on his stomach when the little dog craved for attention and would do cute antics to cheer him up when he was sad. Seriously, it was difficult for him to not pay attention or ignore his pet, but for the first time, ever since his beloved golden retriever puppy had come into his life, he ignored him. Koko-chan gave Aoi a cute doggy pout as the raven punched the manager of the GazettE’s number on the phone.

Aoi had pressed half the numbers when he suddenly chose to stop. He really couldn’t do this. The fan letter had arrived a week ago. If Aoi really wanted to be responsible, he should have informed the manager immediately. If the threat letter had been brought to the management’s notice, then things would have become really complicated and the rhythm guitarist would have been forced to attend lots of meetings and answer numerous people. Aoi being a lazy prick in the end had just quietly disposed the letter away.

Also he didn’t want any GazettE jerk to even have a tiny idea about the secret love he harbored for Uruha. Even if he simply claimed that the fans were spewing ridiculous shit, he would still be humiliated for the rest of his life. These two solid reasons were enough to make Aoi back out like a cowardly chicken. So if he informed Sakai about the threat letter now, then he would definitely die a gruesome death in the hands of the angry manager. An image of a really livid, red-faced Sakai with horns, a pointed tail and a black trident in his hands, appeared in front of the raven’s eyes making him slump to the floor with the phone in his hands.

Aoi stared at the ceiling while he lay on his back. Meanwhile, Koko-chan was trying his best to get his owner’s attention by rolling all over the floor. He even brought a tiny orange ball with which the raven always played fetch with him. The rhythm guitarist continued to ignore his precious pet while he contemplated over the solution about the scary threat. After almost destroying half his brain cells, Aoi came up with the only possible solution. Call Uruha.

Suddenly, Aoi started sweating profusely, the phone vibrating wildly as the raven tried his best to clutch it with his trembling hands. Never in his life had Aoi’s hands shivered so badly. He just wanted to throw the phone and hide under his bed, pretending to forget that he had ever received any kind of mail, but he just couldn’t do that. Uruha, his beloved Uruha’s life was in danger and he had to fight his fear and do it.

With trembling fingers, Aoi punched in the other guitarist’s phone number one by one, the buttons almost cracking due to the immense force the raven was using. He languidly placed the receiver on his ear and tensely listened to the dial tone. Aoi jumped when he heard a small click, anticipating the voice he was about to hear on the other side of the line.

“What’s up, Aoi?” Uruha’s deep voice greeted him, the other man’s tone slightly cheerful.

Aoi started sweating again, his nostrils slightly burning as he felt a wave of pleasure run through his lithe body when Uruha’s beautiful voice, his masculine tone that seeped through the receiver, tickled his sensitive ear drums. For a few seconds, the raven just lay on the floor, mouth slightly open as he drowned in the pleasure of the lead guitarist’s voice. When another Aoi could be heard through the receiver, the rhythm guitarist immediately snapped out of wonderland. “U-sama, how did you know it was me?”

A small yawn was initially heard before the person in question decided to answer, “How? Caller ID, Aoi-san.” The lead guitarist slurred.

“Ah ,y-yes.” Shit, Aoi muttered under his breath. He cursed the damn fangirls for forcing him into a fucked up situation where he was unable to even talk two words properly to his bandmate. “Ano, were you sleeping Ussan?” Another blunder, but the raven was just too nervous and he had no control over his mind and actions. The blood rushed to his brain too fast, leaving him in a situation where he couldn’t think straight.

Uruha let out a muffled sound, as if he had covered his mouth to stop himself from letting out another yawn. “Yes. Yes, I was. I haven’t really been sleeping well these days and this was the only time I finally managed to sleep for more than three hours. Do you need something?” The brunet said, his voice heavily tainted with drowsiness.

Aoi ran a hand through his purple streaked hair when he finally realized how tired Uruha really was. He knew the brunet was the type of person who worked himself too hard until he was satisfied. At such times, Uruha didn’t bother sleeping even though he was on the verge of falling down due to exhaustion. The raven now regretted calling Uruha and disturbing him.

Finally building up enough courage, Aoi decided to let everything out of his system, so that Uruha could go back to what he was doing. “Uruha..”

At that moment, a really angry Koko-chan, jumped, landing exactly on top of Aoi’s open lips, making the raven get a full ball of fur into his mouth. So the Someone sent a picture of you to me came out like, “SUBBON DZENDDA BICCCUREZZ UFF YOW TOMME.” The puppy began to mewl and lick his face, desperately begging for his attention.

The lead guitarist, who was still under the influence of sleep, rolled to his side and furrowed his brows in confusion, wondering as to what Aoi had just said. “What?” He asked as he heard the rhythm guitarist make really weird sounds that varied from strangled whimpers and annoyed groans from the other line.

Meanwhile, Koko-chan continued what he was doing as Aoi tried to shoo him away with his hand that held Uruha’s controversial picture. But Koko-chan, being the stubborn and demanding little puppy that he was, immediately caught sight of the piece of paper which he was sure was the cause of his master’s indifferent treatment towards him, instantly he stopped attacking the raven’s face in order to launch himself at the waving photograph that hovered above him, his huge brown eyes staring dangerously at it.

“Koko-chan, shoo bad doggy. Can’t you see I’m on the phone?” Aoi waved the picture on his hand in an attempt to shoo his puppy away as his other hand was preoccupied with the receiver he held to his ear. “I’m sorry, Uru.” he apologized. “Koko-chan was being a naughty boy.” he replied hastily to the annoyed noises Uruha was making on the other end of the line.

The brunet released a long sigh and lazily sat up, rubbing his eyes to wipe the remaining traces of sleep away on his face. “It’s alright. What’s wrong with him? And you haven’t answered my question, Aoi.” He retorted, trying not to sound too irritated. He just woke up from a supposedly good sleep by his bandmate.Of course, he was already used to getting sudden phone calls because of his profession but he didn’t really like it when the person who called him was beating around the bush or was occupied with something else.

“Well the thing is..” before Aoi could answer the supposedly irritated lead guitarist, Koko-chan lunged at the rhythm guitarist’s hand and grabbed the raven’s precious picture between his tiny teeth. If Koko-chan had been a fully grown dog, the picture would have been torn to shreds by now. But since it wasn’t so the picture was still secure between the puppy’s teeth. To make matters worse, Koko-chan had immediately jumped off the raven’s face, ran away and had successfully gained his master’s full attention.

“KOKO-CHAN.” Aoi screamed running in circles around his living room as he tried his best to catch the little puppy. No runner in the Olympics would have run as fast as the raven at the moment, as he tried to somehow save his precious treasure - Uruha bathing with rubber duckies. The little puppy was faster than his master, more euphoric as he had somehow won over his dimwitted master’s attention. Of course, he loved his handsome owner, but he also liked bullying and teasing him, especially in times when his master was busy with something.

The little dog ran like a jaguar and galloped like a gazelle on top of the center table in the raven’s living room, wagging his tail around as he waited for his panic-stricken master to catch up to him. He had no idea what was so special about the picture between his canines, but it proved as an effective tool in getting his beloved master’s attention. He jumped around the table, wagging his little tail as he anticipated Aoi’s arrival and let out an excited growl when his owner approached him with horror and desperation in his eyes, which made a genius idea suddenly pop inside his head.

As Aoi closed in on his dog, the little mutt suddenly stopped jumping and dropped the picture onto his feet. The raven instantly stopped, his breath stuck in his throat as he watched his pet’s next move.

Koko-chan looked curiously at the photograph for a moment, confused as to what was so interesting about a person that looked like Uruha, taking a bath in a tub with loads of floating thingies that looked like birdies, then turned his attention towards his owner who was fearfully anticipating his next action. Seeing the distressed expression on his master’s face, he continued with his devious plan and lightly touched his paw on the smooth surface of the picture, all the while giving an evil, teasing look at his owner.

Aoi’s entire body shook in fear and the next thing he knew he was screaming. “Koko-chan, Koko-chan, no, no, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” The rhythm guitarist’s helpless screams echoed off the walls of the apartment. “Anything, anything but that.”

The evil yet adorable little mutt released a low growl and kept on pawing at the picture as his cute brown eyes settled and reveled on the terrified expression his owner had on his face. Wanting to further torture the raven, he slowly raised his paw, retracted each of his claws one by one and languidly lowered the said appendage back down on the innocent photograph, threatening to ruin it with his sharp nails.

Aoi soon started breathing like a woman going into labour, as his evil puppy meddled with his precious picture. Where the hell did he learn these techniques to bully him? For god’s sake, the only person Koko-chan was attached to except for him was Uruha. “Koko-chan~,” Aoi tried crooning for a change. “You’re a nice puppy aren’t you? Give that picture to Daddy now, in return I’ll buy you bags of puppy friskies, take you out for walks, if you want I’ll even take you to that new amusement park opened up exclusively for dogs and give you a nice tummy rub every night before we go to bed. Please don’t do anything to that picture, please, please, pretty please.”

Koko-chan’s ears immediately perked up in excitement once he heard the offer. Koko-chan likes puppy friskies. He also liked walking outside and he had always wanted to go to that new amusement park for dogs but couldn’t because Aoi was always busy. Most importantly, he liked nice tummy rubs and was willing to do anything for that. Eagerly accepting his master’s bribes, he quickly got off the table, ran towards Aoi and circled around the guitarist’s feet while wagging his tail. He wanted, no, needed the puppy friskies, the walk, the amusement park and the tummy rub. He SHOULD be nice to his master if he wanted to get all of those.

As soon as Koko-chan got off the table, Aoi lunged at the picture and grabbed it before Koko-chan ever thought of changing his mind again. He held the precious picture to his chest, crooning Uruha’s name like a pathetic love struck fool, tears dripping down his beautiful, pain contorted face. When he looked at the picture which miraculously had no scratches on it, his heart again started a number and pounded erratically against his rib cage. Uruha, Aoi kissed the lead guitarist in the picture.

A wave of electricity spread through the rhythm guitarist’s body when he finally realized how much risk his beloved Uruha’s picture had been in. He had no idea what he would have done if the picture had been destroyed. Suddenly, a devious thought formed in Aoi’s tiny mind. He wanted to contact the damn fangirls and go along with whatever evil plan they had in their mind. It didn’t matter to the raven anymore. He just wanted Uruha’s pictures that’s all. The idea of Uruha getting harmed completely flew out of his mind as a sudden trust for the anonymous fangirls materialized out of nowhere. He wanted Uruha’s pictures even if that meant he had to sell his soul to the devil.

“AOI!” The rhythm guitarist flinched when he heard a sudden shout, he looked around wondering if someone had read his mind that had conjured up the deceitful thoughts he’d had just a moment ago and had been caught red-handed. But he instantaneously realized that the voice was coming from the receiver he held in his hand even after the battle he’d had with Koko-chan just minutes ago. “Hello.” Aoi talked sheepishly into the receiver.

“What the hell are you doing? Are you alright?” Uruha’s confused and somewhat upset voice echoed through the speaker of the cordless phone. He imagined that the lead guitarist had one of his hands on his waist and probably looked annoyed.

“I’m fine. I’m fine.” Aoi laughed nervously, passing a hand through his purple-streaked hair. Now that he had decided to go along with his devious plan, he didn’t know what to talk to Uruha anymore. “So, how are you Uru?”

A pregnant pause was the reply he initially got before the cold voice of the brunet made its way into his ears. “Are you fricking sure you’re alright? You were trying to tell me something awhile ago and now you’re asking me how am I?” Uruha said, the pitch of his voice getting higher as he continued to speak. “Just in case you don’t know, I also heard you calling my name through all that weird noise you and your dog were creating. Seriously, what the fuck is going on?”

Aoi jumped slightly when Uruha revealed the truth to his embarrassment. He swore that he had just whispered Uruha’s name. “I-I-I..” the rhythm guitarist stuttered to which he received another angry growl from the other side. “It’s it’s well..K-K-Koko Ch-Chan..ah yes Koko-chan was trying to play fetch with me and instead of the ball he grabbed one of the GazettE’s posters, and he was licking your face Uru. I guess he loves you.” Aoi laughed like an old lady narrating the latest gossip.

Again, silence was the first response he heard from Uruha. The lead guitarist was probably wondering if he was telling the truth or not, if he was still sane or was already out of his mind, if he was drunk or was high on milk chocolate. “Oh.” Uruha managed to answer after a few moments, hesitation obvious in his voice. Obviously, the brunet didn’t believe him but had probably decided to just let that matter go. “So what did you want to tell me then?”

Aoi almost yelped in frustration. Why the hell did he even bother calling Uruha in the first place, he cursed himself. He just didn’t know how to get away from the perceptive lead guitarist. He took a long look at Koko-chan who was happily biting at his owner’s pants, making sure to leave a drool trail. “Ah right, I finally remembered.” the rhythm guitarist giggled. “Koko-chan is refusing to eat the latest puppy food I bought for him. He absolutely refuses to eat anything nutritious. He’s too picky. Do you know any food which will make him large and strong?”

“What the hell do I know about dogs? Shouldn’t you be asking Ruki about that? You know that I don’t have a dog and I can’t really take care of one.” Uruha quickly replied. If he was trying to sound calm a while ago, this time he wasn’t even trying to sound nice anymore.

“Ah yes I know.” Aoi wanted to kick himself. He just didn’t have the heart to hang up on Uruha as he loved hearing his band mate’s deep voice. But it came with a price and that was him turning into a fucking doofus. “Ne, U-sama. Do you know? White pigs are really cute and adorable.”

“What? Pigs?”

“Come on Uru. White pigs. They are cute. Haven’t you seen Babe? You know the pig who thinks he’s a sheep dog?”

“Did you call me,” Uruha asked incredulously, “just to talk about pigs?” Even before Aoi could respond, he heard the brunet take a deep breath and, “Look, I am not interested in pigs. I don't give a damn about pigs and don’t care if they’re cute! The next time you call me up to talk about pigs, I will bash your skull open and feed your brain to those pigs that you’re suddenly so interested in. Now, for the love of all things holy, don't you dare call me again and let me freaking go back to sleep!”

Aoi placed the cordless back on the holder and almost ran towards his secret draw where he kept everything which would get him into trouble if someone found it. He swiftly rummaged through the contents throwing things here and there. Only after a good few minutes had elapsed did he remember that he had already disposed the damn letter.

Again cursing himself with the worst words which he could equate to his stupid brain, he extracted his iphone from one of his pant pockets and touched the digital keys to search through the contact list and pressed the neon-green call icon when he finally found the contact named Shitty fangirls. Someone picked up on the other end. “Hello.” Aoi practically whispered fearing ears in his own walls. “I accept your proposition. In return for Uruha’s pictures, I will convince everyone to make a Venomous Spider’s Web PV.”

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Very interesting start & fic!!!Thank u!
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